Ime joj je Iskra, a Instač profil joj gori!

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Iskra Lawrence je gospođica čiji profil promovira zdrav imidž ženskog tijela jer je “punašnija” za standarde vitkosti. Ovaj britanski model se dugo osjećao kao da nije dovoljno dobra, ali je hsvatila da savršenstvo ne postoji. Drugi mediji kažu kako je oblikovana kao pješčani sat, neki ju nazivaju thick, a neki (mi) ništa ne kažu nego samo gledaju. I slušaju kada progovara o problemima žena vezanih uz izgled.

Draga Iskra, širi požar razumijevanja i suosjećanja, jasno nam je da to svijetu treba.

If you hadn’t heard👀it’s National Bikini Day & you know I’m loving the @Aerie swim I’m in, but I know for many that may not be the case. I used to pretend to be super confident in a #bikini especially as it was my job as a model for the last 14years. However when I was a younger I remember the constant self-doubt and comparisons with others & the ideal of “perfection” I tried to hold myself to, then feel like I constantly wasn’t good enough. I can’t remember the exact moment of realisation when I figured out perfect does not exist and that my consumption with trying to be something else that I couldn’t was holding me back from being my best self. . Maybe it was after the straight sized modelling industry for years had told me I was too big to make it then hearing from the plus-size industry I would never make it because I was too small, so instead of believing I was the problem I decided these “ideals” were. And I really wanted to be valued for so much more than my size. I no longer wanted for my size or body to be my definition or focus. That surely investing time into self-care, working out for strength, flexibility and mobility and falling in love with food again would mean I could be happy, healthy and confident in who I am. Even though our stories may not be the same, I know that millions of you may have thoughts of self-doubt and insecurities that are holding you back. So if there’s one thing you can take from this, it’s that there is more to life than this. You can learn & practise to accept then love yourself because that’s what you deserve. Life gets so much easier when you are kind to yourself – and kind to others. Maybe you won’t be able to wear a bikini just yet, but know that you are never alone in how you’re feeling. You are #imperfectlyperfect and that’s enough. The people who❤️you love you for who you are and so should you – because you’re one of a kind, limited edition & meant to be you! I’d love you to join the conversation and celebrate the real you by Sharing your unretouched swim photo with #AerieREAL & they’ll donate $1 (up to $25K) to @NEDA a non profit helping save lives from the mental illness with the highest mortality rate.

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