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Ova dama s Balkana je oduvijek voljela više nogomet nego lutkice – a sada je utjecajna fitness trenerica

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Prva verzija naslova je bila “djevojka iz susjedstva”, ali nismo htjeli na sebe navući bijes profesora geografije pa smo ipak odlučili biti nešto točniji. Krissy Cela je rođena 1994. godine u Albaniji. U “našim” krajevima je živjela nekoliko godina, a onda se s obitelji odselila u Englesku.

Oduvijek je voljela aktivnosti koje su povezanije s dječacima njezine dobi nego s djevojkama pa je brzo zavoljela i zdrav način života. Diplomirala je pravo, ali je svoju strast prema vježbanju pretvorila u posao.

Kao i brojni Instagram fitness modeli, ona nudi program vježbanja i prehrane svojim fanovima. Ne možemo se zakuniti u učinkovitost tih programa, ali ako slika govori tisuću riječi – Krissy izgleda kao da zna što radi, a i napredak njezinih klijenata možete pratiti na njezinoj web stranici.

Nego – o kakvim rezultatima pričamo? Nekoliko skrolova će biti dovoljno.

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Honestly, I’m literally sitting in my car as I write this. I went to the gym today and had such a bad session. I left before I completed my workout because my mind was simply not in the right frame. It sucks! But it’s okay? I spent 30 minutes gunning myself down and being mad at the fact I didn’t feel motivated to push myself it led me to picking myself apart…. what for? I could of spent those valuable 30 minutes of my day resting at home, focusing my mind on better things. So as I head back home to put my pjs on and order myself a pizza…. my reminder to you is, ITS OKAY NOT TO WANT TO TRAIN OR BE MOTIVATED EVERY SINGLE DAY. Take a rest, be kind to yourself and remember there is always tomorrow. Happy weekend my familia ❤️

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BACK BACK BACK! Liiisstennn you need to try this! Give this video a like 💙 and save for later. Honestly, I just want to say how incredibly proud I am of all the @toneandsculptapp ladies absolutely smashing it day by day. The hard work, the determination, the consistency and most important the encouragement you ladies project is beyond inspirational. Whenever I’m having a down day all I need to do is read the tone and sculpt app dms or go to the tagged posts and instantly I have my fix! You are just amassing QUEENS! METHOD: 1️⃣ Bench Rows: 12 Reps 4 Sets 2️⃣ Latt Pull Down: 12 Reps 4 Sets 3️⃣ Single Arm Cable Row: 10 Reps 4 Sets each arm 4️⃣ Rear Pull Apart: 12 Reps 4 Sets SONG: SZA gardens Www.toneandsculpt.app

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Evo – bar smo u teoriji naučili kako se popeti i sići s trake za trčanje koja je postavljena na visoku brzinu.

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CARDIO CHALLENGE! Be sure to doubtless tap ❤️ & save to give this ago this week! When I created @toneandsculptapp I didn’t want it to be the type of app where you did the same thing every single day❗️❗️. Consistency is key don’t get me wrong and personal (and studies show) that changing your workout routine every 4-6 weeks is very helpful in avoiding hitting a plateau & becoming really bored. You can’t just go to the gym with no set plan of what you’re doing and expect specific results. I also didn’t want the programs to be heavily cardio based. There is nothing wrong with loving cardio, intact lately I’ve found a big love for it! However, resistance & circuit training are amazing ways to build muscle, get strong and feel powerful! So I like to add little 10 minute cardio routine at the end of my gym session or 30 mins of LISS! Give this fat burning 🥵 cardio challenge ago and why not TAG a #friend go try it to! METHOD: 1️⃣ 20 second sprint 10 second rest 6 times (3mins) 2️⃣ 10 second incline sprint 5 second rest 12 times ( 3 minutes) 3️⃣ incline power walk for the remaining 4 minutes Join the community because well why not give it ago you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain❗️ 7 day free trial with monthly subscription. Link in bio 🌟 #toneandsculpt

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